Bad hair

This series was born with the investigation about a behavior within the Dominican culture, based on the self rejection and discrimination by certain characteristics of the hair.

Since I was six years old I was going to the hairdresser weekly and I did not know why, after getting into the research on how the razor used in the barber’s office, you can combine and create a work that aesthetically is attractive and descriptive of a problematic Social.

During this process I have understood many parts of the unconscious self-rejection that is induced through some taboos.

Bad hair or good hair. It is a taboo that brings intrinsic a feeling of rejection, for certain characteristics of the hair.

Within my culture, when the hair is curly, thick, wavy, hard, Afro, it is a bad hair, which leads men to cut their hair as short as possible, to make a skirt and women, which in this case they are the most pressured by our society, they must lacearse their hair, with chemical products that are harmful to health, so as not to be rejected.

This has reached the point that an official “minister of education, sciences and technology” denied a scholarship, already won, to a student for having hair in the way already described (bad), an article in EL PAÍS, a Spanish newspaper,


Ceramic and metal (blades)


62x33x45 cm